Friday, January 31, 2014

Amalie Atkins opening at MacKenzie Art Gallery with photos

This evening, Amalie Atkins, Saskatoon's preeminent fabric and film artist, had an incredible exhibition open at the MacKenzie Art Gallery. While this is a one person show, officially, she made sure to thank the dozens of people, mainly friends and family, who had joined in to help sew, construct, engineer, or film the various components of the work. She'd filled the largest of the galleries with a handful of hand made tents. Films ran inside each, sometimes viewable from the outside, sometimes only from within. She was running some of her early film work, alongside some props, as well as some new films. Just love all that red cloth. The event was nice; there are more and more kids at the MAG openings these days.
I talked with lots of people. Took a while, but I did manage to get William out of his fugue state by improvising an absurd interpretation of the metaphors of one of the films to him. He's figured out that every time we go to the MacKenzie, we get home too late to "do anything" (ie: watch tv), so I promised him an episode of Futurama, regardless of our arrival time. That also helped.

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