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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fourth Year film screening part two

My back felt much better today. William and I went for a walk after watching Pierre Etaix's "As Long As You've Got Your Health" (having run behind yesterday and left our French Friday until Saturday). The walk was the best thing for my back, leaving me almost able to watch the evening's student films pain free. I was up in the balcony with Berny Hi again, although Chrystene was not there tonight. What I noticed tonight, and this was probably just as true last night, was the strangely awkard ambiguity with which almost every film ends. Tonight's exception was the series of web videos, "Best Roommate Ever" by Brenden Wishlow. These were about two minutes each and didn't have much structure but they all did have endings. The endings were not conclusions, they were just parting words, strange gestures, or ironic suggestions. However, they left the audience thinking, giggling, and wanting more. If I were to guess, I'd say that Brenden planned each episode around the endings rather than the story or character. It was an interesting change of pace. "Beyond the Looking Glass" by Taylor Bacala was also very powerful and worth a second viewing. 

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