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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Gerald Saul, elsewhere on the internet

This past week, the promotional films for our department that we shot last year went up on Youtube. Here is one of mine (there are two for each of us, one directed towards interesting high school students, the other more towards graduate students).
Wheat Soup also gets a nice little mention in Greg Klymkiw's "The Film Corner" as he discusses the (not forgotten by everyone) film "Downtime" by Winnipeg's Greg Hanec. I recall seeing this film with about six others in the NFB theatre that used to be in Regina. I don't think there was any filmmaker here with it, just a print and an almost entirely unadvertised event. I somehow got a vhs of it which I used to show to students (even among film students, 9 out 10 simply don't get this masterpiece). 

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