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Thursday, October 1, 2015

All is fair in science

William seems to have done well with his mini-science fair today. Margaret was able to attend - I was in meetings. He not only had his poster, he also had his video loop, some apples as physical demonstrations, and a copy of Brave New World which contains ideas about cloning in its dystopic world. William was able to speak intelligently about how each of these elements relate to his cloning topic (the course is actually a cross-over topic between science and English).
George, Fred and Gertrud, and Paul were over, primarily to celebrate George's birthday.
George Bessai
For the third day in a row, I inexplicably have had over 1000 hits on this blog, but not any any posting in particular. I'm thinking it is a search engine looking at it. I have almost 3000 posts. 

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