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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Updated list of German Expressionist films

At the end of the summer I thought William and I had pretty much exhausted our watching of German Expressionist films. I was wrong. Since September first, we have watched a dozen more, making this our new final list (there are more expressionist films, but most are not available in our libraries locally):

Hands of Orlac Robert Wiene
Metropolis Fritz Lang
Three Penny Opera G.W. Pabst
M Fritz Lang
Cabinet of Dr Caligari Robert Wiene
Nosferatu FW Murnau
Warning Shadows Arthur Robison
Pandora's Box G.W. Pabst
Faust FW Murnau
Waxworks Paul Leni
Westfront 1918 G.W. Pabst
Blue Angel Josef von Sternberg
Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler Fritz Lang
The Testament of Dr.. Mabuse Fritz Lang
Kameradschaft G.W. Pabst
Diary of a Lost Girl G.W. Pabst
Sunrise FW Murnau
The Last Laugh FW Murnau
Die Nibelungen 1: Siegfried Fritz Lang
Die Nibelungen 2: Kriemhild's Revenge Fritz Lang
Destiny Fritz Lang
Woman on the Moon Fritz Lang
The Finances of the Grand Duke FW Murnau
Tartuffe FW Murnau
Spies Fritz Lang
Secrets of a Soul G.W. Pabst
Student of Prague Paul Wegener
The Golem Paul Wegener
Student of Prague Henrik Galeen

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