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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Weekend off

Art Gallery of Regina works by Loretta Paoli, Judy Anderson, Sheila Nourse.
I took the weekend mostly off, but for some re-rendering of videos and entering 10 film festival. Walked down to the Balkwill in the rain yesterday and took a look at the new exhibition with Judy Anderson and Loretta Paoli. The rest of the time was resting; I watched a bit of tv, had a couple drinks, delivered a couple pumpkins, had coffee with Berny and played him my cylinder player, and put in the storm windows. Generally hung around the house. Good times. 

1 comment:

Berny Hi said...

Congrats, buddy. You deserve a chilled-out weekend. I did the same.
I'd be curious to know which festivals you submitted to, especially the free ones that are good chances, like celluloid festivals or genre festivals.
Take it easy!