Monday, April 30, 2018

work calming down

Xincheng's work in progress

I made some mistakes with when I was meeting people so ended up being at work most of the day, even though I only had an hour of actual business. My grades are in but I still need to approve others which are not all in yet. This is the last day of exams. It is also the end of the university financial year for a lot of our budgets and spending. Andrea's been very busy with monitoring it but at this point, the chips fall where they will. We are close to hitting the mark. I ended up explaining how a bunch of my old stuff in my office works to her, which always seems strange since she has been seeing this stuff for years so I always assume she is knowledgeable about it all (ridiculous assumption on my part). I finally put up the John Waters print I bought. Office is now complete (but for getting it tidied up again). 

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