Sunday, August 19, 2018

Fixed the cottage roof

William and I drove out to the farm today to assess the damage to the cottage roof. I brought tools and some wood, just in case I could get a start on it. In fact, the job looked more straight forward than I'd anticipated, mainly owing to the fact that the original structure was quite basic and rather flawed in many ways. Therefore I was able to spend two hours and fix it better than it had been. Not perfect mind you, but better than it was built to be. We also put up the lightning rod and called it the church of lightning. Cleaning is the next priority. We scraped bird shit off the floor but it needs a proper mopping with some chemistry.
The cows converged very close to the farm, probably where they were not supposed to be. I suggested to William that he draw them but they quickly left when he tried to walk towards them. 

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