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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Madhu Kumar paintings at Regina Beach

Margaret and I drove out to Regina Beach for the closing talk/reception of Madhu Kumar's paintings of immigrant women at the Last Mountain Lake Cultural Centre this afternoon. There was an amazing crowd. I could see over 70 people in the small space and could not see that through the entrance way were at least a dozen more people. With most of the portrait subjects there on hand, the talk was more emotional than the art for lunch talk she gave on Friday but less descriptive of her process. The Regina Mayor was there as well as a few profs (David, Leesa, Robert) but mostly strangers, mostly friends and relatives of these amazing diverse people who told their stories and allowed Madhu to present their faces to the world. Margaret was invited up to speak, having written the program for the exhibition , but it was about the people today, not the theory. William stayed home, having homework due in all five of his classes. Great looking show that closed today.

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