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Friday, September 28, 2018

Pile of Bones, my favorite film festival

Jon Tewksbury, host of Pile of Bones
Of all the film screenings and events that happen in Regina, the Pile of Bones Underground Film Festival is definitely my favorite. Jon Tewksbury and his team put together the most adventurous collection of films that are simultaneously challenging and playful. The shift in tone from one film to the next is often quite extreme with a mixture of formalism, drama, experimentation, animation, , melancholy, and humour - always lots of humour. As with last year, I came away from the evening with a strong desire to make something new, to contribute to this art form. I don't feel that way often enough these days (as my own film attested) so I am deeply grateful that this festival is here.
Matt Ripplinger showing a married print of his new project

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