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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Nuit Blanche

It was cold and for a while snow flakes even came down. The presenters around downtown Regina seemed unphased as various art presentation, generally light/projection based with a few exceptions, filled the streets. Had the weather been nicer, I'd certainly have spent more time looking at each event. Film loops are a great pleasure to me but cold is a great dis-pleasure, so the contradiction was difficult.  Neutral Ground had a fine opening of work by Lisa Wood where I ran into John Hampton, a resident of Regina again as of 3 hours earlier, and Ella returned to Regina to project from the Filmpool windows down to the street below.The final event we hit was a bizarre string of Youtube clips strung together by a variety of curators, young and old, in the RPL. Got hooked on an elevator fan "Elevatours by Dieselducy", a guy who just seems to love going into elevators and discussing the motors and movements and buttons.

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