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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

50% day

Tuesdays are my research days with Erik. For the first time this summer, it was sunny out so we grabbed all the stuff we needed to shoot some pinhole footage and headed into the country. We ended up in a small town about 20 minutes south east of Regina and we set up to shoot the grain elevator. However we couldn't get the battery belt to power the controller/motor. I opened up an ac adapter that plugs into the cigarette lighter and we ran the motor with that for 45 minutes (2 second exposures with an f70 pinhole and 10 iso black and white film). We cut that part of the day short and went back to town, shooting all the way. The long exposures from the moving car are a bit more interesting than regular pixilated ones but only by a bit. You don't really escape the cliche aspect of it, but worthwhile to know. Back in Regina we developed film. The titles for my35mm film didn't work because the bleach I used, which I thought still had some umph left in it, didn't. It was only a test and can be redone in 15 minutes, maybe tomorrow. The footage we shot today was okay, although perhaps a bit overexposed. We got ice cream. This evening I took William to the RPL and we watched puppet films. It was a show curated for kids (there were other adult shows that I missed) and while a couple films were worthwhile, many of them were very juvenile (animals singing in a barn? come on!)

1 comment:

berny said...

i have two bottles of yours. it's old bleach mixed with new bleach. worked well for 48hr.
i think i left it at the filmpool.
perhaps in the booth.
i just realized i have no idea why i'm telling you this. hope you are well. i'm on holidays and visiting parents and old friends and shooting 100D super8.