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Sunday, June 27, 2010

taken for a ride

This afternoon I went bike riding with William. We went down the bike path with a plan of going to the place he went to by himself once before. However, at the first underpass, Pasqua Street, he panicked as he turned the corner into it and discovered the path was covered with water. Stopping short, he slid and fell into the mud (see signs of it all over his shirt). He was okay and I convinced him it was no big deal and we continued. We rode about two miles but the troubles with water continued so we never did reach his previous limit. Here we are a couple of blocks beyond the RCMP museum which you might see a bit of in the distance (top left).
Tonight Kevin and I went to see "Jonah Hex" while Margaret and William went to "Prince of Persia". I had a good time but it isn't a highly memorable movie.

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