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Saturday, June 5, 2010


We've delayed our main trip but today we took a mini-trip to Assiniboia (a small city about 1.5 hours from here). There is a rather interesting art gallery there, the Shurniak. It was set up with private money and houses a private collection including a number of Group of Seven paintings but also including some rather hokey paintings of cowboys. The whole place is set up like a large house with multiple rooms, the walls lined with art, but also filled with couches, chairs, lamps, pianos, etc. I was particularly taken with a traveling show on Kenderdine paintings (see above). William was a bit sick today so we didn't do many side trips. We went to Moose Jaw on the way home and stopped at the old train station that Rick Hancox couldn't get into to film for his "Moose Jaw" film but is now converted to a liquor store (below).
We also stopped at the burrowing owl sanctuary and discovered the the one-winged owl we sponsored last year has died in some accident. I'm disappointed tha they didn't inform us of that fact. At least they didn't hit us up for a new sponsorship.


berny said...

thanks for proving me wrong that an individual couldn't look disappointed in a liquor store.
you definitely brought forth an interesting irony.

Chrystene said...

HA! Why are you scrutinizing that poor little horse? This is my fave post in awhile! Makes me want to take the exact same trip.