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Friday, June 4, 2010


I had today off as a holiday. Spent the entire morning at work catching up on things, returning equipment (almost forgot to pull last photos off camera before it went back), mixing up film chemistry, planning my next film review, and meeting people about capital purchases. This afternoon I tried to fix my mom's computer printer problem. She gets a "print spooler" error which I've solved before and I found two methods of turning back on but it just shuts itself back off again after you try to print. Painful. This evening we had a nice fire in the back yard (no, we didn't burn my mom's printer - that would be against the city bylaw).Here is a more or less successful demonstration of the slit scan photo where the entire image is not captured at the same time resulting, in this case, in the moving object being shortened. A slit moving the opposite way, with the moving object instead of against it, would result in the moving object lengthening. However, this was much more difficult to time and we never accomplished it.

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