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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Catching up 1

I'm posting this a few days after this actual date. We went to Calgary for the past two days and the day before we left (Sunday) blogger wasn't working so I couldn't cheat and pre-post my blog.
The day was mostly spent getting ready, writing my notes for the screening at the "Sofa Cinema" at the CSIF, and getting what I'd hoped would be my last report of the summer done and sent to the head (email I'm facing now proves this to be untrue, but I'm not "working" until at least Thursday.
I've been enjoying blogging again, especially when I include images. Here is a book I found in a used book store tomorrow but will include it here. I didn't buy it, the review just wasn't convincing enough;This evening I managed to keep my hand in on the 48 Hour Filmmaking Frenzy by being one of the jurors to give out the awards and have a team that I was not on be on the cup (I'm on over half of them but am not sure I'd have beat the teams this time, they were really good).

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