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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

gaining momentum

Today Erik performed a piano piece he composed for my new Grain film. It's a bit of a waltz. I wanted something traditional yet fresh for my highly abstract ray-o-gram style second film in this series. It will be on 35mm and I won't be able to watch it until it is done. We recorded on an out of tune (not that I can really tell) baby grand in the music department at the university. They were very accommodating. Joe wanted to see how the new RODE microphones performed with music so he helped out with the recording as well.
I also got thinking about the cruising through time/space/mind sequence in 2001 that Kubrick had created using a slot scan method that Erik introduced me to last month. Knowing how it is done, it is relatively easy to recreate it using digital images. However, I also realize that the traditional way allowed you to have perfect images with no problems with grain or pixels. The digital short cut has you stretching pixels rather than stretching a real image or a higher res lens-photographed image. Therefore the result contains pixels stretched to dozens of times their original size/dimensions. Regardless, it does demonstrate how the understanding of old school technology allows you to easily navigate and innovate in new/digital technologies. Here are two very short silent demos of the sort of shot I'm talking about:

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