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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Out in left field

I went out to the farm for the first time this year. I scraped some paint off the "cottage"; it seemed like I 'd not scraped any at all last fall. It is very hot and humid and nothing seemed worth taking a photo of. I didn't pick up the camera even once. Some days are like that. If I had picked it up, I probably would have taken dozens of images. When you carry a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Here is another image from yesterday:
It is part of what I hope to be a narrative series of artist trading cards I need to finish this week. I hadn't planned on Erik appearing as "The Nemesis", that was William's idea (and costuming).

1 comment:

berny said...

how about this: when you carry a hammer, everything looks like it doesn't want to be hit with it.
i like the photo a lot. you certainly look angry and about to throw a mean punch.