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Saturday, June 12, 2010

not kid stuff

Today I woke up early, being back to my regular schedule of bad nights, but then fell back asleep and everyone had a slow start to the day. In fact, William never did get out of his pajamas. Margaret and I went to Sylvia Ziemann's opening of her tremendously alluring miniature houses, each demonstrating a different approach to post-world-disaster architecture, complete with functional tvs and (non-functional) toilets. They are up for another couple weeks at the Dunlop branch at the Sherwood Village library.
This evening Margeret went out paper making and William and I tried out the two player Carcassonne Wheel of Fortune variant I bought a few months ago. We had fun. I tried to take the opportunity to teach him the strategies to compete at the game. I pointed out how when we usually play, Paul and I viciously attack each other but not him because he is eight. However, when he turns nine, these rules might change so he'd best be prepared.

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