Saturday, January 24, 2009

another Friday

For the past few Fridays I've been trying to complete my annual information package and my three year report on my activities. I hoped to get it done today but William had a dentist appointment in the morning and I ended up taking him to that and a few errands. This afternoon, instead of just building utilitarian dvds for my work, I started getting fancy with multiple sub-menus and so on. As a result, I still am not finished, even though I have two nicely done discs. My "Modern" disc even has multiple channels so you can select between two different musical scores.
This evening there was an opening at the Dunlop. Margaret was working it and had to get there a couple of hours ahead of the public. William and I dropped her off and, instead of going home, William suggested we drive around for a bit and see what was happening. He was pretty convinced that it was the middle of the night since it was dark, even though it was only 6pm. Anyway, I figured he really meant that he wanted to go Lego shopping so I took him to Toys R Us. They've rearranged the story and the Lego section is what you hit first. The new line of gladiator Bionicles were on sale for nine bucks each so we bought two of them, then went to the Robin's on south Albert where I used to hang out 22 years ago and had a pretty good boy/dad evening.

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