Tuesday, January 6, 2009

work aint so bad

Film 401 started today. Lots of chatting off topic, but it was all on topic in one way or another. I had 5 or 6 lecture items prepared but we only hit a couple of them. There's always time to get to them later when we don't have anything really interesting to say.
William got very little sleep last night since he stayed up so late waiting for the tooth fairy. He stayed at school for lunch again today and walked there by himself this morning. However, Margaret saw the teacher and she was surprised he was underslept; he was apparently in a very good mood all day. Margaret took him tobogganing after school before they came to pick me up. He continues to be full of energy and is roaring around upstairs, reading from a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon collection, howling with laughter. Will he crash tomorrow or later in the week, or does he really need 3 hours less sleep per night than the recommended amount for his age?

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