Wednesday, January 28, 2009

tired and obsessed

Every day I have continued my commitment to watch an hour of animation. I find much of the early stuff such as Disney Silly Symphonies too exhausting to watch (I won't say boring, it's just a combination of sound, colour, movement and so on without a clearly defined narrative that makes them more akin to lullabies than entertainment). Anyways, last week I bought The Black Donnellys tv show and I opened it up a few nights ago to watch a few minutes. Mistake. I get so caught up in it that it would keep me up all night if I let it. I've now watched the first 7 episodes, the ones that were originally on the air. I now have six more, none of which I've seen before. The show has these really great characters that are so agravating that no one could have written them except for the fact that someone (Paul Haggis) did write them.

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