Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve

Happy New Year everyone!
Check out my Youtube videos, I posted a couple of new ones today. Highly distorted by compression, both from my end and then on theirs, but I've begun to design the work around that level of alteration.
We took it pretty easy again tonight; Paul came over and we played a game of Carcassonne. I ran out and bought the new suppliment set, the siege and cult cards. We also included the tower cards, even though we didn't use the towers themselves. In the end, even without the river cards which we played first, the tiles overfilled the holder! We finished at about 5 before midnight and then quickly downed the bottle of champaine I'd chilled in the porch. Perhaps it was too cold, but it tasted great that way. William got to bed around 1;00.


Berny Hi said...

hey there, thought i'd check in. happy new year!
i like the pic of carcassonne. i've never played [well, well], but i'd love to. i've played settlers, which is somewhat similar. let me know if you are ever looking for a game.

Gerald Saul said...

We've played lots of Settles of Catan as well, there is a vague similarity but Carcassonne can be played much less competitively. It has no secrets, players have no cards or unknown agendas. While having a long term plan is handy, it is not necessary. As a result, William has been playing it with us, starting back when he was six. When he is uncertain, others at the table can advise him. Catan, with it's trading of cards, is much more aggressive and requires a different gaming sensibility. Both are fun. we like to play Carcassonne with all of its expansions, so it ends up taking 3-4 hours and therefore we don't play often.

Berny Hi said...

hey there! i had an opportunity to play Carcassonne for the first time last night. there was 5 of us over at shawn's. the game took quite a while, probably 'cause most of us didn't know the game and would sometimes start talking about things or make food.
it was a blast and i was really digging the strategy, especially with the farmers. i ended up winning by just a bit. had 83 points or something.
i think shawn let us off easy because i did some pretty useless moves at the beginning of the game.
very fun game though.