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Friday, January 9, 2009

shopping still sucks

Mostly I worked at home today but did venture out to BestBuy to try to get the dual layer dvds they have in today's flyer. Driving was hell, the sun was out but there was too much snow everywhere and everyone went decided to go out at once. BestBuy was a zoo and the guy in the department didn't know the product then answered his phone in mid conversation. Once I found the flier and tried to show it to him, he ignored me and I eventually left. Driving home was just as bad. I got a good portion of my annual report on my university activities done, although there were elements at the office that I'll need to comb through to verify a few things. That's 3 weeks early.

1 comment:

Berny Hi said...

i was driving around in the evening. it was like someone had laid a layer of banana peels instead of sand on the road.
btw, if you are looking for 8gig dvds, i totally recommend tapeonline or ncix. i place an order with one of these every month or two, so you're welcome to get in on that order and save on shipping