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Sunday, January 11, 2009

snow, water, movies

I turned the computer back on today after not using it yesterday (quite a relief). Yesterday I traded in a movie to HMV that we got a double of for Christmas and put it towards "Terry Pratchett's Discworld: Soul Music and The Wyrd Sisters". They were animated, made for BBC tv and of that British animated style I'm not particularly fond of, with very flat and unemotional characters within a partialy CG world. However, the story was quite good and after an hour I'd basically forgotten the style. Yesterday and today were both nice weather so we tobogganed and went swimming. While this should have physically exhausted William, he continues to stay up until 11pm. Tonight I went to see Transporter 3 with Kevin, a lark basically. I didn't mind the movie, it moved fast enough and the action scenes were well done, although a bit repetitive by the end. The love interest woman was well acted but exceedingly poorly written. Her actions are highly inconsistent throughout the film, basically doing things to ensure that they continue to get into trouble, which he foolishly finds endearing since we are suposed to believe he falls in love with her. Oh well, cheap theatre, at least four bucks worth of chuckles.

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