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Friday, January 23, 2015

Geremy Lague opening MFA exhibition at MacKenzie Art Gallery

Geremy had a very successful opening night with his MFA exhibition "Lague Corp. Presents Antisocial Media" at the MacKenzie Art Gallery. It is still a few weeks until his defense, so he isn't done yet, but this was a gigantic hurtle. The show had many components. While it wasn't laid out the way he'd originally planned, the result was effective and the crowd all seemed to enjoy it. It is a collection of work which needs to be seen in person, touched and picked up and so on. It is only there for the next four weeks, so please attend. If it is any indicator, the conversations in the gallery were far more engaging that the ones at the food (and that is almost never the case!). Geremy signed up many new friends for his "The Face Book".

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