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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cumberbatch Hamlet

Fat Hamlet
We attended the live movie theatre broadcast thing of Benedict Cumberbatch's "Hamlet" at the Galaxy Cinema. I think overall it was pretty good, although it took me a while to warm up to Cumberbatch in the role (or he took some time to get in his groove, I don't know which). However, many scenes were spoiled for me due to the scandalously poor projection at the Regina Galaxy theatre. Even after a complaint was filed during the intermission, the aspect ratio was wrong for the entire film. Not only were the scenes all too wide making everyone fat, but the far left and right of the frame were clipped off! Often characters were talking to empty space. Other times, people standing to the far edges were cut in half. Ophelia was chunky and her feet always looked too big. When Laertes is lying on the floor, he was no longer fat but the opposite, he was overly long and thin with his feet and the top of his head uncomfortably clipped from the screen. Margaret refuses to go to more of these events. 

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