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Friday, October 30, 2015

William's new Halloween costume

Soviet scientist William Bessai-Saul and "Spudnik"
William combined Halloween and his science project today by presenting his research on Sputnik in the guise of a 1957 Soviet scientist, complete with fur hat, slide rule, and a copy of the communist manifesto. Margaret came to the school at lunch time to pick up the 1/2 scale sputnik replica and his teacher went out of his way to come outside and compliment the presentation. I asked William if they managed ot get through all of the presentations, which is when he pointed out that he was the only one who presented; the others all handed in papers instead (form/style of the project had numerous options). He began with the discussion of "spudnik" and its self generating electrical power, but once corrected, he continued with Sputnik.
Taking Sputnik to Sheldon Collegiate 

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