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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mercury with Erik, Geremy, and WIlliam

Had a great creative breakfast at the Mercury today. Erik Sirke is in town for a few more days and we convinced Geremy to take a short break from his holiday preparations to sit down with us. I've invited them to collaborate with me on a Frankenstein film that I've been stuck on for a couple of years without being able to figure out the ending. We made a huge breakthrough (it's all about the moon) so now there are just some issues around the middle that need fixing. Very pleased. I hope to shoot it in January or February in the studio with the Red.
I met the artist Zachari Logan at his opening at Slate Gallery. He has another exhibition next week at the AGR for which Margaret wrote the program notes. He was very happy with her writing and I was pleased they had a chance to talk. The show is fantastic. His figurative drawings of his body are incredible, although I personally preferred the playful and creepy drawings of "chimeran" creatures which are mixtures of two or more animals or animals with people. Wow.
The rest of the day was raking leaves, putting in storm windows, and watching tv. 

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