Monday, May 30, 2016

17,000 photographs

I just finished scanning the main body of my 35mm photographic negatives. This has taken me a few months, putting a few rolls on the scanner each day. The photos are primarily from 1982 when I started taking pictures to 2003, at which point the lab began scanning negatives for you when you got film developed. There are approximately 800 rolls and over 17,000 images. Each of the envelopes in this box contains one or two rolls of film:
The next step is to scan my slides (probably just two or three days work) and then some older family negatives that I didn't take myself. In time I will be putting larger collections of them online. I've already selected hundreds of images associated with my film projects which I will put on my website when I have time. Of course my archive will not be complete until I re-capture all the videotapes I have sitting here, but that is a job for another day.

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