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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Professor Delusia Live at Cathedral Arts Festival

I did a two hour art garage pop up gallery presentation as my 2008 character "Professor Delusia" this evening. Using William's drawings, copied into transparencies, I told 24 stories over a two hour time period (new story every 5 minutes). I had a randomly generated list of 30 names. I had a list of 24 places in the world that I selected using a randomizer for google maps (http://www.mapcrunch.com/), and a collection of 24 unique dream-like transformation events, 24 emotions, 24 objects, and 24 conclusions. Each story used different drawings, each was improvised using the elements described, and each story was unified by the treat of what goes wrong if  you don't abide the professor. I generally had one or two listeners at a time, although I did at least one with no one and a handful with 3 or 4. Overall I believe I pulled it off with some degree of success.

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