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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Last day of my sabbatical

As I sit down to write this blog entry and had to consider the title, I first thought I would call it the last day before the install of my exhibition, but then I realized that, as the it's the end of June, it is also the conclusion of the busiest six months of my life. I've come so close to breaking down on so many occasions I lost track. But there were always those shining lights, those people who helped me create and created things of their own and helped inspire. Today Franz stopped in with the last box I needed. Amid the many emails needing my time (I stopped answering email at noon today) I got some very cool ideas from Geremy that I'm excited to follow up with him on. Last night Heather Cline was over and gave me some much needed advice on how to get the best results from my panorama. I announced my workshop and it's practically full from people I know and would love to work with for a day. The list of cool stuff I've done over the past six months goes on and on. Tomorrow is a crazy new beginning. Thank you everybody who helped me in so many ways.

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