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Friday, June 17, 2016

New ways to torture students

Just when I think that the high school students have it easier than we had it, I'm blindsided by new bizarre types of torture. William is at his Phys-Ed final this morning. It is a dance. Starting at 9 am, their class are in a sock hop dance, being videotaped as they dance the various forms they've learned in the past five days, while also keeping up the pretense that this is a social event, complete with snacks and juice. To grade, the teachers videotape the entire event (so no mickies in back pockets).

Follow up on this story: William's exam also included a written component that he'd not told us about. His choice to wear a jacket, vest, and ascot won him the best dressed or "peacock" award which was in the form of a dollar store hat.

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