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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday in Saskatoon and return for Malty National opening

Again, to fully appreciate the hotel as a type of mini-vacation, we had a great breakfast in the dining room at the Bessborough on Saturday morning before checking out. Traffic was completely mad out there between the miles of cars heading towards a Garth Brooks concert (there were six sold out shows) and a large chuck of downtown blocked for the Pride Parade (what a huge flag!):
We hit the Lee Valley Tools where I got a new saw and square to help me with my viewer building project. We also got to two antique stores and I purchased three "new" dial telephones (I now have six). Connected with Mike again and lunched at the food trucks beside the farmer's market. Back in Regina we rested for five minutes then went the the Malty National brew pub opening where Allan Dotson has created some designs for their labels. It was quite a happening but I was faint from heat and exhaustion (separate, not together) so we cut out after a couple short visits.

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