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Thursday, June 9, 2016

One Take Super 8 Event

Tonight's One Take Super 8 Event couldn't have been more successful. Every seat was filled and there were a few stragglers on the edges sitting on the floor. The films turned out well with no big failures (for those who aren't familiar, these events feature a couple of dozen sight-unseen films, straight from the lab to the screen, so catastrophic failure is not uncommon). Highlights for me includes William's film "Attack of the Killer Balloons" which, even though the sound was consistently five seconds late, this only helped to evoke laughter at the campy humour. Eric Hill continued his participatory work, this time a mixture of the actions on screen and his live soundtrack; very fun. Mitch Doll, Mike Rollo, and Dianne Ouellette also delivered beautiful and well timed films; little gems. The best film (or at least the crowd pleaser) was certainly Jeff Meldrum and Amber Phelps Bondaroff's "Enter the Egg"; again with a live soundtrack performed with objects and voice. This took camp two more notches ups and had the audience roaring. Great work Amber and Jeff.

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