Sunday, July 14, 2019

Drive to Saskatoon for surgery

I am writing this after William's surgery has been completed and we have gone home. I'll be putting each blog posting into the date that things happened but without the drama and tension that existed at the time as we worried. This is for documentation and memory purposes.

Before we drove to Saskatoon we saw Marc and Jess and all Marc's family at his father's memorial as at Slate. We didn't stay long but got back to the house, finished packing, and stopped in to Vic Cicanski's secret garden before hitting the highway.
In Saskatoon we checked into the Holiday Inn Express then went for supper. Mike was busy at first but made us reservations at a nice restaurant, Odla, on Broadway. Very nice. I wanted William to have a great meal before facing two weeks of hospital food and take out. He had the lamb. Storm came and rain fell hard. 

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