Friday, July 26, 2019

Walking around

Yesterday was good for walking around the room and into the hallway. Today was much better. He went to physiotherapy and learned how to get up from a tub chair, a car seat, and to go up and down stairs.  I think that walking for the sake of getting better is uninteresting to William, but walking to engage with someone or some place drives him harder. Mike and George both visited and William literally rose to each occasion.
The other big event of the day was that the respiratory specialist came by with five residents under his tutelage. William had been taken off oxygen yesterday but last night had some difficulty breathing so was back on it for a while. This doctor had the x-rays which showed fluid in William's pleural area outside of his lungs and had a few suggestions ranging from radical (tube to drain over time), moderate (needle to remove fluid today) to minimal (let nature take its course). William wanted it drained so they hooked up a vacuum bottle and syringe and pulled over a litre of fluid from William.

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