Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Film 400 began today. As usual on the first day I talked too much. I managed to shut myself up long enough to hear from each of them for at least a moment or two.
While I have numerous deadlines, I found myself doing updates to my website again this evening. I've not gotten to the films of the past two years yet, but I filled in numerous blanks about curation and screenings. Funny thing; I was surfing around on my own site and clicked on a link I put in for my artwork, which was to a site I registered onto called "Terminus". I had put a number of photos from productions on there including some animation artwork. Somehow this has become a porn site. I just removed the link. Obviously very few people really explore my site. It is part of my idea of hiding amongst the shear volume of everything that I've taken to heart this past few years. Between the 150 pages of my web site and over 1000 entries in the blog, where am I?

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