Friday, September 24, 2010

too busy to blog

Long day today. In my class we talked about super-8 and optical printing. Loaded and shot with both. This was followed by a meeting about equipment purchases and then our first year orientation. I almost forgot to grab sound effects cds from Joe on my way out so that I can finish off my One Take soundtracks this weekend. Margaret was in mid house cleaning when I got home and I threw in and sorted Lego for over an hour before Paul came over for "Thursday" supper which is now moved due to William's acting class last night. We watched the third and unfortunately last of the season episode of "Sherlock". Wow, good show.


Berny Hi said...

i am curious to hear about equipment purchases you guys are thinking. it's neat to see the directions different places take. also, you guys may be interested in some of the research we've done at the Filmpool and maybe even the results from the equipment purchase survey that was answered by two dozen active filmmakers in the community... let me know.

Gerald Saul said...

Our primary concern was with solid state or card based cameras. We have contacted the reps and we'll be looking at some demos soon.