Saturday, September 4, 2010


There is something about Saturday night that makes me not want to blog. I've never figured that out. If you were to review my past two years I am certain that I missed more Saturdays than any other day. It would be difficult to tell I guess because I often post later and change the date. It's just something about the diversity of what I end up doing that it already is too full to take on something else. Today was one of those days. This morning I revised my Godard script and sent to to the Leif for Teagan as I hope to shoot on Monday. Then William and I shot his One Take Super 8 film in the back yard. See below.Then we bought two new and very beautiful spotted pictus catfish. I got some more advice about how to keep the the ammonia in the tank down to make them happier. William named them Glacier and Phantom. We've not figured out which one is which yet because they move all the time.
It was Paul's birthday today so we stopped at his house and threw a ball around in his living room with his family for a while. Then we wen to my parent's house and visited with my sister Maureen and cousins and ate lots of cake (which I later was told was made with corn flour so I'm going to pay for that tonight). In the end, I'm too tired to contextualize any of it into a coherent blog entry.Above: Mom, cousin Shirley, Lori.

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