Tuesday, September 7, 2010

another fine mess

Iwas determined to work hard all day editing my video project only to discover that one of the important audio files is corrupted. I went to the university to see if anyone could help fix it but everyone felt that it was a lost cause. The file has a size but just won't play. Very frustrating. While there I cleaned up the classrooms that I'd been using as work rooms because they are classrooms again as of tomorrow. My office is now an even crazier mess. The image above is what it looked like last week, so you have to imaging what it is like now.
So this evening I looked at my email and Roland sent me a message pointing out a help forum where it was suggested to import the file as raw data into a shareware program called Audacity. It worked! Now I won't need to try to dub the film and I might get it done on schedule. Thanks Roland, you came through yet again!!!

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