Wednesday, September 1, 2010

coming into focus

As the summer comes to an end, I finally start coming into focus. Erik and I finished the main part of the A/B rolling of my 35mm "Grain" film today. I met with a new student. I got some solid work done on my SSHRC application and returned to the archives to study more footage for some tests. Here is a test that isn't working out for me although Erik suggests that I can strengthen the lines using the Path tools in photoshop. I couldn't get it to do what I needed it to, but perhaps I can live with having lost two hours of my life on Monday trying to create it

1 comment:

Berny Hi said...

wow! that's the bomb man!
perhaps think about it this way: you lost two hours of your life, but i feel like i just gained 3 seconds of my life, that footage was so cool. so you just need to find 3599 other people to watch this video and it'll be like your spread your 2 hours of your life out to 3600 other people.
make sense?