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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Biscotti with real flour

I baked biscotti today, my first batch in about 3 months. We ran out a while back but I hadn't baked because Margaret had gotten rid of the regular flour (which I use 10 cups full) when we wanted to figure out if the gluten was bothering William (the test is still ongoing although I'm convinced it is not a factor). I've noticed that the cookies I bake with the alternate flours tend to get progressively softer as they age, resulting in a cookie jar of crumbly nonsense after a week. This happened again with my most recent batch, even though I purposely over-baked them as far as I dared. Biscotti need to be crisp and dry and they are too much work for the recipe to fail over the ingredients. Margaret apparently misses them as well because she bought be a bag of regular flour especially to get back to baking. 

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