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Monday, May 27, 2013

Flatbed in my basement

I have a 16mm Ginny brand flatbed in my basement. It is heavy and takes up a lot of room. I wish I had a different home for it. I've been wanting to rearrange my basement for years but between this machine and the need for a new cabinet, I can't seem to do it. Tonight I partially disassembled the flatbed but cannot figure out how to tilt it to conserve more space (it is built to do this but the mechanism is either jammed or its operation method eludes me. The internet seems to not even acknowledge the existence of this machine, so there is no help from there. The paper instructions are at the office so I'll need to get them tomorrow. If I can't figure out how to reduce it's size properly, I'll probably do it improperly, which would clear me even more space. 

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