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Thursday, May 23, 2013

NIC projector tests

NIC projector with record player on top
NIC filmstrip from Three Pigs
Yesterday Geremy and I tested out the NIC projector I was given years ago. I once tried to test it in a class in 2008 but became frustrated after knocking over the light source and breaking it in the process. My blog mentions the mishap but not the projector so I'm not sure when or where I got it (my blog now replaces my real long term memory for such things. If anyone can remind me where I got this projector, I'd really like to know.). Anyway, we threaded it, watched a Sinbad strip, restored the strip using 16mm splicing tape (the "filmstrips" are made of waxed paper and have become very fragile). The rotational disc on top would be for a record but the device is missing the arm and needle. I might look into replacing it in some way. Geremy took some measurements and might try to build a strip. The projector alternates between the top and bottom image, creating movement illusions by a sort of dissolving effect.
Note about three pigs strip: the first pig is labelled as being the eldest, which I don't recall from other versions I've collected. Will need to investigate further. 


Unknown said...

I have the same unit, nic projector model 500 with the turntable and gramophone, the turntable disk has the felt, the gramophone is missing the needle. have about 20 filmstrips for it.

Unknown said...

have the same unit, have the turntable with felt, about 20 filmstrips, and gramophone,

Gerald Saul said...

I wonder how many are around. My reels are in bad shape. I think I have 12 of them. I will be trying to capture them on video, but the setup is very dim, even though I use a brighter light than it came with. Do you ever turn it on? Do you use the original bulb fixture?