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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Paved screening, second night and still no failure

Hri Neal, David McIntyre, Alice Teichertt at Paved Core Series

The second night of the Paved Core Series program "Process and Failure" ran without a hitch last night. While I think my Eike slot load is wearing out (chattering more at the end of the screening than the beginning), everything ran without mishap on my end. William watched the first half but opted to listen to the second half through the wall while playing games on his tablet. It's been three nights of experimental film, so I cut him some slack. He stuck around long enough for me to have a few more conversations with Ontario video artist Alice Teichert, Saskatoon video artist Terry Billing whom I curated into an OSAC tour 12 years ago,  and numerous other people whose names I missed but who got me thinking about aspects of art in new ways and made the evening very worthwhile.

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