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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Screenwriting class and the end of the term

Classes finally ended Wednesday night. While it did seem like a very long term, I had some pretty good experiences. This evening class, screenwriting, I was teaching for the first time this term and will be doing it again next fall. Next year I'll move it to 6:00 instead of 7:00. I asked the students if that would have made a difference to them and only one of them indicated liking the 7:00 time; all the others would have preferred the earlier slot (the last bus leaves campus at the same time the class ends, so if I run even a minute overtime, they need to find an alternate way home). For me, I was pleased with the numerous workshops I devised for the students to explore various principles of screenwriting in a group environment. I wanted the class time to deviate away from the traditional model of single individuals sitting alone and writing a story. It is rare to work creatively in a group and I've always enjoyed the process. Behind a number of my research proposals I have hidden this idea: I want to do the sorts of things we did in this class. I'm actually looking forward to next year. 

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