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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Canister the Robot rises again

I put together seven cards from the set of six to submit to the Regina Artist Trading Card exhibition, the deadline of which is this week. William helped me shoot 3D images of Canister the Robot on the weekend against a green screen. I've combined those with backgrounds made from miniature objects (Lego, fishtank, slide carousel, electronic junk) to create a mini-narrative in which he fights a mannequin head villain (William's idea). I spent much of the day removing green screens, aligning disparate 3D foreground/backgrounds, creating borders, and writing the text panels. Printing had to be onto photographic paper (I only print black and white at home, I am always disappointed in home printing of photographs). Everything film related has gone from quick to slow over this past decade. I remember when every mall had a photo store and they competed to be fast (60 minutes too slow? ... we'll do it in 50). Now it feels like you have to show up with a box of chocolates if you hope for overnight service. Even printing onto paper is quickly declining. I went into the newly renovated Shoppers Drug Mart on the south end last night where the previous photo lab manager had explained that she was loosing her wet lab but was expecting a row of six to eight self serve machines. In fact, the store is reduced to one such machine and I suspect she is gone. It told me to expect 10-12 day service for 5x7" prints so I was forced to go to Walmart (Margaret hates when I go there, but I actually got very good service). I then had to cut, score, fold, label, and sign the cards. 

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