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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lazy Saturday with the Amazing Transparent Man

Other than occasionally cracking the whip on William to ensure he progressed on his homework reading, we had a fairly lazy day, watching tv, listening to the radio, and reading comics. He got obsessed with watching some B movies from the 50s. We sat down together and suffered through The Amazing Transparent Man. Fortunately it was only about an hour long. One plot point that I was surprised that they didn't expand upon was that the scientist was being forced to build the machine due to the threat to his imprisoned daughter who was born to his late wife whom he had accidentally killed years earlier during other experiments. Since the daughter isn't seen until near the end, I thought that she would be mutated and would act as a new twist late in the second act. No, she was just a girl. Also disappointing was that the atomic explosion was just a still and sound effects, not even a moving image. 

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