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Monday, May 5, 2014

Spiderman 2

William and I went to Amazing Spiderman 2. I was rather stressed trying to go. We were there five minutes before it started and there was a line to buy tickets; 8 in line, one teller. We wanted to go to the Ultra AVX theatre so after just a two minute wait, we got onto the self serve console. I selected the AVX and confirmed that I would use scene points to buy a ticket (I had enough points to buy one). It had me select a seat but would not give me an option to purchase a second ticket. I bought one and then started the process over again to buy a second ticket. I tried to use my scene card, to not use my scene card, every possible option on each of the three machines (there continued to be a long line with the one teller). Finally I bought a ticket to Spiderman in the other theatre and told William to pretend we weren't together. I sat beside him in a seat which had not been purchased, although as I sat there during the trailers, watching people come in, I knew that the seat I was in could easily have been bought and someone would come and complain. Luckily, that did not happen. However, I was getting freaked out because the 3D images in the trailers were all out of phase. Were the glasses for the AVX different (the ticket guy had naturally given me the glasses for the screen that I'd bought a ticket for). I'd probably get sick trying to watch a 2.5 hour move with a double image. I sat there. When Spiderman started, it was correct to the glasses. No one claimed my seat. All was good.
William, age 4, as Spiderman
William likes the Spiderman moves well enough (didn't like Venom) but was never the big fan he was of Batman or the Incredibles. However, for one hour in August of 2005, he loved Spiderman.

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